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[fic: drabbles] Call Me Maybe, True Colors, Bed & Breakfast

Title: Call Me Maybe
Word count: 127
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Koyama, hinted Tegoshi/Massu (NEWS)
Summary: That one time Koyama and Massu accidentally switched phones because theirs are identical in identical cases. (prompted by lemonadetea)

At first Koyama had thought Tegoshi was pulling another prank by sending him those lewd texts. Later he unwisely answered a call without looking at the caller ID, and he wished he could unhear what Tegoshi said, or rather purred, in his ear right then.

"...Tegoshi?" he said.

A beat, and Tegoshi's voice switched from the faux-vibrato to his usual tone. "Kei-chan? What are you doing with Massu's cell?"

Koyama sighed and told him his phone must've been switched with Massu's by accident. Tegoshi replied breezily, "All right, I'll just ring your phone then." He paused, and the breathy voice returned. "What I just said... you're welcome to join us, you know."

Koyama hung up at once. A text arrived a few moments later.

"Bring Shige too."

Title: True Colors
Word count: 151
Rating: G
Character: NEWS gen
Summary: The one where Tegoshi woke up with pink hair and saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. (prompted by natsudive)

"Tegoshi, don't you think that color is a bit..." Massu paused, searching for the right word.

Tegoshi, who was admiring himself in front of the mirror, spun around to face his bandmates. "Awesome, right?" he beamed, running a hand through his bright pink hair.

"Horrendous is more like it," Shige said. "And come on, people don't just wake up with a different hair color."

Tegoshi smirked. "You're just jealous that you can't pull this off."

Throwing him a look, Shige replied, "And why would I want to do that?"

"Ooh, I know!" Tegoshi clasped his hands eagerly. "You should all dye your hair according to our image colors! Massu can go back to blonde, and Shige and Kei-chan—"

"I am not going to dye my hair green," Shige said.

"And I can't do bright colors because of News Every," Koyama said.

Tegoshi stuck his lips out at them. "Party poopers."

Title: Bed & Breakfast
Word count: 139
Rating: G
Pairing: Sungmin/Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Summary: The one where Kyuhyun tried to make Sungmin breakfast in bed without anyone else's help. (prompted by amorbuffer)

Staring at the tray of food on his lap, Sungmin scrunches his nose. "What's this dark brown thing?"

"That's the fried egg," Kyuhyun says from his perch at the edge of the bed. "It got burnt a little, but it still tastes good."


"And the French toast is supposed to be heart-shaped." Kyuhyun makes an annoyed sound with his tongue. "I should've used those Japanese bread cutters."

Sungmin stares at the asymmetric, discolored blob of toast and bursts out laughing. Glaring at him, Kyuhyun says, "You're not supposed to laugh at the cooking boyfriend, you know."

"Babe," Sungmin pecks Kyuhyun on the cheek. "Leave the cooking to Ryeowook. Let's go to Kona Beans for breakfast today."

Kyuhyun nods, his frown replaced by a smile. He makes a mental note to ask Ryeowook about the bread cutters next time.
Tags: #drabble, c: koyama, c: kyuhyun, c: massu, c: shige, c: sungmin, c: tegoshi, fanfic, g: news, g: super junior, p: massu/tegoshi, p: sungmin/kyuhyun, r: g, r: pg, t: gen, t: slash
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Loved them!
Especially the phone one =P
Thanks for reading and commenting :)
the kyumin one was so sweet! ♥
Thank you! It was my first attempt at KyuMin :3
Read the NEWS ones and totally enjoyed them! Oh Tegoshi <3
This is really late, but thanks for the comment! :D
LOL the first one, and second one. XD
:D Glad you enjoyed!