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[fic: one-shot] Think We Kissed But I Forgot

Title: Think We Kissed But I Forgot
Type: One-shot
Word count: 4,679
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yesung (Super Junior)
Warnings: Mentions of drinking, my limited knowledge of The Sound of Music
Summary: Jongwoon doesn’t remember how he ended up in Kyuhyun’s bed. Kyuhyun takes advantage of the situation. College AU.
Note: The title is from “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry. Written for kingdra in sujuexchange 2012, first posted here. Huge thanks to static_abyss for the beta!

Normally, Jongwoon has a very good memory. He always remembers where he puts his keys, never fails to call her mother every week to let her know how he’s doing in college, and rarely forgets his friends’ birthdays. But this morning he wakes up and his mind is blank.

He can’t, for the life of him, remember what he did last night and how he ended up in this unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room.

More importantly, he doesn’t know who the guy lying next to him is.

He thinks he probably should, because they are lying face to face with their arms resting comfortably around each other. Jongwoon feels warm and, if he’s being honest, kind of nice.

But now isn’t the time to be honest with himself. In fact, he’s starting to panic. He disentangles himself from his bedmate, pushes the covers back, and sits up, only to immediately regret it as his head begins to pound mercilessly.

His movements make the guy next to him stir. The guy’s sleepy gaze focuses on Jongwoon, his long lashes fluttering under messy, dark brown bangs. The guy props up his upper body with an elbow and mutters, “You’re awake?”

Jongwoon realizes belatedly that both he and the guy are still fully clothed. At least that provides some consolation. He also realizes that the guy is rather cute, but now isn’t the time to think about such things.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” he asks, then adding the most important question of all, “Who are you?”

The guy's mouth turns down slightly. “You don’t remember?”

“No.” Jongwoon’s head still feels like it’s being hammered from the inside, and he presses his palm to his forehead, wincing.

“I’m Kyuhyun. We met at the party,” the guy says.

Right. Party. Jongwoon recalls his friends, Donghae and Hyukjae, dragging him to a party last night, but it’s a blur from there. Jongwoon makes a mental note to have a word with those two later.

“Are you all right, hyung?” Kyuhyun asks. “Do you need a glass of water?”

Jongwoon shakes his head. He wonders what could have possibly happened last night that a guy he just met is already calling him brother.

“Where is this?” Jongwoon asks again.

“My room. Theater Department dorm, fourth floor.”

Jongwoon swings his legs down the side of the bed and tries to stand up. He’s still a little shaky, but he can manage. He notices his jacket flung on the back of a chair and picks it up.

Kyuhyun sits up straighter. “You’re in the Music Department, right? I’ll walk you there.”

“No, it’s okay.”

Jongwoon is already walking to the door when he hears Kyuhyun calling, “Jongwoon-hyung.”

Reluctantly, Jongwoon pauses and turns around. Kyuhyun has a small, almost coy smile on his face as he says, “I had a great time last night.”

Jongwoon can’t run away from that room fast enough.

Jongwoon had barely made it in time that morning to return to the room he shares with Ryeowook at the Music Department dorm, have a quick shower, and then rush to his first class (Music History with Professor Kangta). By noon, he's in a bad mood from missing breakfast and still nursing a major hangover. It doesn't help that his two friends can provide no explanation as to what happened at the party last night.

"For the record, I still don't believe you two aren't behind this," Jongwoon mutters, throwing a deathly glare at Hyukjae and Donghae, who are sitting across from him at the cafeteria of the SM College of the Arts.

Donghae says, "We know nothing, I swear. One minute we were all there having a blast at the party, and then poof! You were gone."

"Vanished," Hyukjae says.

"Without a trace," Donghae adds.

Jongwoon searches their expressions, but they both seem genuine. "Who’s Kyuhyun?" he asks.

"I don't know any Kyuhyuns," Donghae turns to Jongwoon's roommate, Ryeowook. "Do you know any Kyuhyuns?"

Ryeowook shakes his head, then asks Jongwoon, "So you woke up in his room and don't remember how you got there?"

Jongwoon had tactfully omitted the fact that he'd been sleeping in the same bed with Kyuhyun (cuddling together, for goodness sake) to spare the embarrassment. He replies, "I woke up on the floor. I must've got drunk and passed out there."

Fortunately, none of his friends ask for further details as they're too busy figuring out who this Kyuhyun person is. After a moment’s contemplation, Hyukjae says, "I've never heard of the name, but I can ask around."

"Actually, you don't have to do that," Jongwoon says quickly.

"You said he's from the Theater Department?" Donghae says. "I’ve got a friend there."

"I said you don't have to," Jongwoon repeats.

"Oh yeah, Heechul, right? He knows everybody," Hyukjae says.

"Guys!" Jongwoon cries. "No need to bother. It's not like I'm gonna see the guy again."

The more Jongwoon thinks about it, the more this solution makes sense. Since he doesn’t have any recollections of the night, he might as well pretend that nothing had ever happened. Besides, their campus is so big he doesn’t even know all the students in his own department, let alone others (especially the freshmen, most of whom look prepubescent to him). What are the odds that he will ever see Kyuhyun again?

The odds are pretty big, it turns out. Barely a week has passed before he runs into Kyuhyun in front of the campus library. Or more accurately, Kyuhyun runs toward him.

Jongwoon is walking to the library intending to borrow several reference books he needs for a paper. Just as he’s climbing the steps leading to the building, he hears a voice exclaim, “Jongwoon-hyung!”

Lifting his head, he sees a somewhat familiar guy standing at the library’s double doors and waving to him excitedly. It takes a few moments for Jongwoon to register who he is and, in his surprise, Jongwoon freezes on the spot.

By the time it occurs to him that it might be best to flee, Kyuhyun has already dashed down the steps and is now standing in front of him. “Hyung!” Kyuhyun’s eyes sparkle as he smiles. Without a warning, he pulls Jongwoon into an embrace.

The first thought that springs unbidden in Jongwoon’s mind, even as he realizes he should be thinking something else, is that Kyuhyun’s hug feels the same as it had felt that morning in his bed. Nice and snug.

Jongwoon squirms, his heart beating so wildly against his chest he fears Kyuhyun might feel it. Kyuhyun relaxes his hold and steps back, hands still on Jongwoon’s shoulders, as though reluctant to let him go.

“Sorry about that,” he grins. “I’m just so happy to see you!”

Jongwoon realizes Kyuhyun is taller than him, with features that look boyish when he smiles. “I’ve been meaning to look for you,” Kyuhyun says.

Jongwoon frowns. “Why?”

The question seems to puzzle Kyuhyun. “Because I’ve missed you,” he says matter-of-factly.

“Wha— wait,” Jongwoon says, blood rushing to his cheeks, “we don’t even know each other.”

“Of course we do,” Kyuhyun says. “We met at that party and then spent the night in my room...”

“Actually,” Jongwoon interrupts, shaking himself off Kyuhyun’s grip, “I don’t remember anything about that night.”

Kyuhyun’s smile falters. Quickly, Jongwoon continues, “Look, I realize I was drunk, but I’m sure nothing happened between us. I just passed out, right?”

Jongwoon thinks he catches a strange glint in Kyuhyun’s eyes, but before he has a chance to figure out what it means, he hears Donghae calling his name.

“What’s up, hyung?” Donghae says, materializing out of nowhere with Hyukjae close on his heels. “Who’s this?”

Kyuhyun turns to them, and the previous smile returns to his face. “I’m Kyuhyun. Are you Jongwoon-hyung’s friends?”

“Kyuhyun?” Hyukjae says. “The Kyuhyun? Wow, the mystery man himself! I’m Hyukjae by the way, and this is Donghae. We’re from the Dance Department.”

“I’m double majoring in dance and music composition, actually, so I hang out at the Music Department a lot,” Donghae says. “So! Kyuhyun, huh? We hear there was an incident between you and Jongwoon-hyung?”

“We know he can’t hold his drink, but he must’ve been really out of it to pass out on your floor,” Hyukjae says.

“On my floor?” Kyuhyun repeats, looking baffled.

“Yeah, he said he woke up on the floor of your room and didn’t know how he got there!”

Kyuhyun looks at Jongwoon, and Jongwoon hopes his silent plea is communicated through his stare. Please don’t tell them we were in bed together. Please.

Kyuhyun blinks twice, and then turns back to Hyukjae and Donghae. “Actually I found him in the hall, so I took him inside. It was getting cold out there and I didn’t know his dorm.”

Jongwoon sighs in relief. When his eyes meet Kyuhyun’s again, Jongwoon shoots him a grateful glance, which Kyuhyun responds to with a quiet, meaningful smile.

When Hyukjae and Donghae leave for a class, Jongwoon turns to Kyuhyun and mumbles, “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Kyuhyun takes Jongwoon’s arm. “You’re going to the library, right? Let’s go!”

Jongwoon begins to protest, but Kyuhyun simply laughs and pulls him forward. Not only does he accompany Jongwoon to the library, he ends up carrying some of the heavy reference books for him. When they finally part at the square near the fountain, Kyuhyun repeatedly turns around and waves to him before disappearing. Jongwoon feels like he has just dodged a bullet.

From that day on, Kyuhyun becomes a permanent fixture in Jongwoon’s life. He finds excuses to be around Jongwoon, appearing everywhere Jongwoon goes: at the music hall, at the bookstore two blocks from campus, at the cafeteria when Jongwoon is having lunch with his friends.

Kyuhyun easily worms his way into Jongwoon’s inner circle, and before long, he’s on friendly terms with Hyukjae, Donghae, and Ryeowook. Being a musical theater major, Kyuhyun is also learning a bit about music and dance, and he likes to exchange knowledge with his new buddies.

He’s the youngest of them all, and while he’s sufficiently polite, sometimes his mischievous side rears its head through a cheeky remark here, a bold gesture there. But he seems to know where to draw the line, making sure the others tolerate his manner as youthful charm.

When Jongwoon asks what he’s really trying to do, Kyuhyun merely smiles and says, “I wanna be your friend!”


Kyuhyun looks straight into Jongwoon eyes as he replies, “Cause I like you.”

That statement can be interpreted in a number of ways, but Kyuhyun makes it sound so pure, so natural. There’s something unnerving about his frankness, but also rather endearing.

There’s no pushing him away. Jongwoon learns that one day when, annoyed at the way Kyuhyun tails him around, he snarls, “Can’t you just go away for a second?”

Kyuhyun’s expression changes, and he mutters, “Fine.” After a moment he adds, his tone more challenging, “I guess you don’t mind your friends knowing what really happened that night, then.”

Jongwoon turns to him, alert. “What did happen that night?”

Kyuhyun won’t say anything. He leaves, but later he comes back and acts normal again. Jongwoon doesn’t know what to make of it.

His friends are indulgent of Kyuhyun, but also somewhat amused. Whenever they’re hanging out and see Kyuhyun approaching, Donghae stage-whispers to Jongwoon, “Hyung, your admirer’s here.”

“More like his minion,” Hyukjae says.

“Come on, you guys,” Ryeowook says. “I think it’s rather sweet of him.”

Sweet is one way to describe Kyuhyun, Jongwoon thinks begrudgingly. Exasperating and confusing are others.

The scary thing is that the more Jongwoon spends time with Kyuhyun, the more he begins to recall glimpses of their night together. At first, the memories are very vague. A faint musky scent, the feeling of a fabric against his fingers. Little details that don’t seem to make sense together.

Jongwoon recognizes the scent at lunch one day when Kyuhyun leans over at the table to get the ketchup. The top button of his shirt is open, and Jongwoon catches a whiff of his cologne. Jongwoon promptly inches back, feeling ridiculous that his heart has immediately started racing.

The fabric is a different story. On an especially cool afternoon, he and Kyuhyun are walking together after classes. Kyuhyun is wearing a wool jacket, and as they walk side by side, the back of Jongwoon’s hand brushes against the fabric. Startled, Jongwoon pauses in his tracks.

“What is it?” Kyuhyun asks.

Jongwoon reaches out to feel the fabric against his fingers, and then pulls his hand away quickly. “Nothing,” he says, resuming his walk.

He certainly can’t mention to Kyuhyun that he remembers not only touching the jacket before, but also peeling it off of Kyuhyun.

When he arrives back at his dorm room, Ryeowook takes a look at him and asks, “Are you all right? Your face is flushed.”

Jongwoon mumbles something about the weather and goes straight to bed, burying himself under the covers.

All this time he has tried to convince himself that nothing had happened that fateful night with Kyuhyun. But what if the opposite is true? After all, Kyuhyun has always hinted so.

The most vivid memory, and also the most alarming of all, returns to Jongwoon when he and Kyuhyun are at the library together. Reaching up to the topmost shelf to grab a book, Kyuhyun knocks another book off the shelf by accident and it falls, hitting Jongwoon’s forehead.

“Oh my gosh, hyung, I’m so sorry!” Kyuhyun yelps. He holds Jongwoon’s head with both hands, examining him closely. “Does it hurt?”

Jongwoon looks up at Kyuhyun’s face, only inches from his own, and though he knows he should be looking somewhere else, his eyes are fixed on Kyuhyun’s mouth. An inexplicably odd feeling washes over him. He had seen those luscious lips this close once before, back when—


Jongwoon backs off, brushing Kyuhyun’s hands away.

“Hyung?” Kyuhyun asks worriedly.

“Never mind,” Jongwoon says.

“You look a little funny. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Funny indeed. This memory he has just retrieved means either he had kissed Kyuhyun before or at least he almost had. Jongwoon kind of hates himself right now because a part of him wishes that the former is true, just because he wants to know how it feels like.

He spends the rest of the day looking anywhere but at Kyuhyun’s face.

Kyuhyun comes to cafeteria one afternoon looking unusually downbeat. He doesn’t strike any conversation and doesn’t even react when Hyukjae takes a gulp from his water bottle. When Ryeowook asks what the matter is, he heaves a long sigh and says, “Apparently I lack soul.”

“What?” Donghae feigns surprise. “You’re a vampire?”

Sour-faced, Kyuhyun doesn’t even bother to respond. “We've started rehearsals today for the Theater Department’s major musical production this year. I got the main role, but after going through some of the songs, the director said I don’t have enough soul when I sing.”

“He said that on the first day?” Ryeowook winces. “Sounds pretty harsh.”

“What’s the play?” Hyukjae asks. “Dracula?”

Kyuhyun glowers at him. “It’s The Sound of Music.”

“So you’re Captain von Trapp? That’s pretty awesome,” Jongwoon says.

“I’m Maria, actually.” Kyuhyun brightens a bit at this. “It’s an equal opportunity play. Anyone could get cast for any role regardless of gender.”

“That’s...” Jongwoon struggles to find the right word, “...fantastic, I guess.”

“Looks like I have a lot of work going, though,” Kyuhyun says. “How do you get ‘soul’ anyway? What am I supposed to do?”

He glances at Jongwoon, and suddenly his eyes light up and he grabs Jongwoon’s hand. “Hyung! Will you help me practice?”

“Me? I don’t know that much about musicals.”

“But you’re such a great singer. You can teach me a thing or two. Please?”

Jongwoon is curious as to how Kyuhyun knows about his vocal ability, since he doesn’t recall ever singing in front of him before. He also hasn’t forgotten that Kyuhyun holds an advantage over him: the secret behind their rendezvous.

Yet the beseeching look on Kyuhyun’s face, and they way he holds Jongwoon’s hand with a viselike grip, reveals his earnest need for help. “Please, hyung,” he says again, more softly this time.

Jongwoon nods, and even he has to admit that the look of pure delight on Kyuhyun’s face isn’t unpleasant to look at.

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Or to be more exact, how do you solve a problem like a guy who has to play Maria in The Sound of Music, but is deemed to not have enough ‘soul’ for it?

That is the problem that Jongwoon now has to help Kyuhyun deal with. Kyuhyun has rehearsals three times a week, and the day after each rehearsal, he reports every development to Jongwoon, discussing what he needs to work on. They go through every song together, Jongwoon pointing out areas in which he thinks Kyuhyun can improve. Kyuhyun listens intently and even jots down Jongwoon’s suggestions.

Kyuhyun’s singing voice is rich and smooth, with an added depth that plucks the heartstrings. Jongwoon doesn’t really get the lack of ‘soul’ that Kyuhyun’s director was talking about, but he suspects it has something to do with the reversal of gender roles. It’s probably hard for Kyuhyun to fully grasp the character of Maria complete with the female sensibilities.

He tells Kyuhyun this, adding, “I’m not sure I’m gonna be much help in this.”

“But your voice always has the right emotions. I still find that hard to do.” Kyuhyun points at a line in the music sheet. “This part, for instance. How would you sing it?”

Jongwoon sings the line. His gaze flickers to Kyuhyun as he does, and he notices how Kyuhyun has this dreamy look in his eyes. It’s almost as though he’s using the chance just to listen to Jongwoon sing.

Jongwoon stops, embarrassed, and tells Kyuhyun to practice the line on his own.

Kyuhyun thinks it might be a good idea for Jongwoon to see him act the role opposite the rest of the cast. So he takes Jongwoon to see the rehearsal one day, although Jongwoon worries it might be against the rules.

“I think it’s okay as long as people don’t notice you,” Kyuhyun says. So Jongwoon stands at the very back of the practice hall, trying his best to blend in with the students working on the props.

It turns out that Kyuhyun isn’t the only cross-gender actor cast for the musical. One of the von Trapp boys is played by a girl, while half of the nuns at Maria’s abbey are guys. But the guy playing Captain von Trapp, Siwon, is as manly as they come: tall, brawny and handsome, with a confident gait fit for a man of uniform.

After watching a while, Jongwoon realizes that they’re rehearsing the scene where Maria and the Captain kiss. He assumes they won’t actually do it, so imagine his surprise when Siwon takes Kyuhyun by the waist and kisses him straight on the mouth.

Jongwoon can hear a collective gasp from the people around him, girls and guys alike. Kyuhyun seems momentarily startled but is quick to adjust, tilting his head to the side and wrapping his hands around Siwon’s neck.

Jongwoon can’t decide if the twisting feeling in his stomach is caused by the fact that this dashing guy is kissing Kyuhyun or that Kyuhyun is readily kissing him back. All he knows is he can’t watch this any longer, so he turns around and leaves the hall.

He’s sitting on a bench at the park near the Music Department dorm when Kyuhyun comes to find him later. “Hyung, where’d you go?” Kyuhyun asks. “I didn’t see you leave.”

Kyuhyun's cheeks are flushed; he’d probably been walking around looking for Jongwoon. Kyuhyun takes a seat next to Jongwoon and begins to talk excitedly. “Everything went so well. The director said I’m actually getting better!”

“Wow,” Jongwoon raises an eyebrow. “That kiss must’ve worked wonders, huh?”


“You only made progress after practicing the kiss scene. Not that it’s not understandable, with a guy like Siwon.” Jongwoon knows his words have turned venomous, but he can’t stop himself.

The color drains from Kyuhyun’s cheeks. “I don’t understand what you’re saying, hyung.”

“Forget it.”

“No, I want you to tell me what you mean.”

Jongwoon wants to snap at Kyuhyun for taking that tone with him, but when he meets Kyuhyun’s eyes, the fire in them shocks him into silence. Kyuhyun opens his mouth, looking like he’s going to say something, but instead he leans over and presses his lips to Jongwoon’s.

It’s one of those few short moments which feel to Jongwoon like a lifetime. Kyuhyun’s lips are soft but his kiss is urgent, insistent, and despite the initial shock Jongwoon finds himself yielding almost immediately, letting Kyuhyun coax his mouth open and slide his tongue inside.

Right then, Jongwoon realizes he has never kissed Kyuhyun before, because there is no way in the world he can forget something as breathtaking as this.

It ends as quickly as it starts, Kyuhyun backing away with his face redder than before. Without saying anything, he jumps to his feet and walks away, a hand covering his mouth. Jongwoon can still feel the taste of his lips.

Kyuhyun doesn’t come to the next practice session with Jongwoon. Jongwoon is still debating whether he should come to see Kyuhyun first, his curiosity about the kiss nearly getting the best of him, when he finds Kyuhyun waiting outside a class for him three days later.

Kyuhyun can’t even look him straight in the eye. “Can we talk?” he asks.

They find a deserted corner behind the study hall. Kyuhyun keeps rocking back and forth on his heels as he speaks. “I owe you the truth. We didn’t actually do anything that night.”

Jongwoon should be glad to hear this, but somehow he isn’t. He wishes he’d remained in the dark, because then he might still be friends with Kyuhyun. Now he feels as if the flimsy thread that holds them together has broken, and Kyuhyun might leave him any minute. The prospect of not having Kyuhyun around stings his chest.

Kyuhyun continues, “You’d had too much to drink by the time you met me. You didn’t know where your friends were, and you didn’t wanna go back to your place. So we walked around a bit, but then it was late, and we were nearer to my dorm, so I offered you to stay for the night.

“I was going to sleep on the floor and let you take the bed, but you didn’t want me to. You helped me take off my jacket and pulled me to bed with you.” He glances at Jongwoon for the first time that afternoon, and quickly adds, “This was all very innocent, I swear. We covered ourselves with the blanket because we were getting cold.

“I’ve been leading you on to think that we... did something that night,” Kyuhyun pauses, biting his lip, “but we just talked. You talk a lot when you’re drunk.

“I asked you to tell me something quiet about yourself. You told me that when you were little, both of your parents worked, so you and your little brother spent a lot of time alone at home. One night it was raining very hard, and your brother couldn’t sleep because he was afraid of thunder. So you sang a children’s song for him.”

Kyuhyun has a small smile on his face. “Then you sang that same song to me. It was one of the most beautiful things I ever listened to.”

The smile fades, and Kyuhyun’s tone turns serious. “I was disappointed when I heard you didn’t remember a thing about that night, but then I saw it as a chance. If I made you believe something happened, at least I had an excuse to be around you. What I did was selfish and wrong, and I’m sorry. I’m also sorry for... for kissing you. I shouldn’t have done that.

“I’m just— I’ll go away now,” Kyuhyun’s voice wavers, and he walks away with his head down.

“Kyuhyun,” Jongwoon calls after him, but Kyuhyun doesn’t look back.

Ryeowook pokes his head inside the room. “Hyung, are you going to see the musical?”

Looking up from the book he’s reading, Jongwoon shakes his head. “Nah, I think I’ll pass.”

He knows Ryeowook is referring to The Sound of Music. After what happened between him and Kyuhyun, he thinks it would be wise not to go. Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to want to see him anyway. He’s been avoiding Jongwoon for some time, no longer hanging out with him and his friends. Ryeowook has reported that Kyuhyun still maintains contact with him, Hyukjae, and Donghae, but he has been careful not to cross paths with Jongwoon.

Ryeowook shrugs. “All right. Well, Kyuhyun won’t be in it anyway. But I’m curious to see how it’ll turn out.”

Jongwoon knits his eyebrows. “What do you mean Kyuhyun won’t be in it?”

“He got injured yesterday, so Heechul replaced him.”

Stunned, Jongwoon lets his book fall to his lap. “Injured? How?”

“He tripped on the stairs and sprained his ankle. It’s not too bad, but performing in the play is out of the question.”

Ryeowook picks up his jacket and reminds Jongwoon in a not-so-subtle tone before leaving that the turtle tank really could use some cleaning. Jongwoon hardly pays any attention, his mind too lost in thought. He knows how enthusiastic Kyuhyun had been about performing in the play, about getting to act as Maria.

Finding sudden determination, Jongwoon gets up and exits the room, going to where it all started.

His knock on the door of Kyuhyun’s room is answered by a muffled, languid “Come in”.

Jongwoon finds Kyuhyun sitting up in bed, fingers rapidly at work on his tablet computer. When Kyuhyun lifts his head to see Jongwoon, he stiffens and puts the tablet aside.

Jongwoon walks in, casting a glance at Kyuhyun’s bandaged right foot on the bed. “Hey,” he says clumsily.

Kyuhyun offers an equally awkward reply, “Hi.”

“I heard about what happened from Ryeowook,” Jongwoon says. “You okay?”

“Oh, this?” Kyuhyun gestures at his ankle. “It’s nothing, really. The nurse at Student Health Services said I just have to rest for a while.”

Jongwoon nods. “I’m sorry you had to back out from the musical. I know you’ve been working hard on it.”

“Yeah, well. What can you do, right?”

A few seconds of silence, then Jongwoon decides to cut to the chase and says, “You’ve been avoiding me for a while.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes focus on a spot somewhere near Jongwoon’s shoulder. When he doesn’t answer, Jongwoon blurts out, “You don’t like me anymore?”

“I do,” Kyuhyun replies straight away, then grimaces in embarrassment. In a much softer voice, he adds, “I thought you didn’t like me.”

“You never asked if I did.”

This time Kyuhyun raises his eyes and their gazes met. Kyuhyun’s is curious, hopeful.

“I’ll tell you what,” Jongwoon says, “let’s start over. Sober this time.”

He clears his throat and offers Kyuhyun his hand. “Hi, I’m Kim Jongwoon. Music Department, vocal performance major.”

Kyuhyun visibly relaxes. Shaking Jongwoon’s hand, he replies, “Cho Kyuhyun. I’m majoring in musical theater, Theater Department.”

Jongwoon nods at the direction of the bed. “Mind if I sit down?”

It only takes a beat for Kyuhyun to react, shifting in bed to give Jongwoon enough room to sit beside him, their shoulders touching.

This was obviously not the way it happened the first time they met. Jongwoon still doesn’t remember what exactly went down that night. But today is a new day, and this guy beside him has a twinkle in his eyes, promising good things to come.

This time Jongwoon will make sure he doesn’t forget anything.

“So,” Kyuhyun says with a smile, “tell me something quiet about yourself.”
Tags: #one-shot, *au, *exchange/challenge, c: kyuhyun, c: yesung, fanfic, g: super junior, p: yesung/kyuhyun, r: pg-13, t: slash
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