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Hi and welcome to carmine_pink's fanwork archive. Here you will find mostly fanfiction and occasionally macros. Feel free to watch the community for updates. All kinds of feedback are welcomed, be it positive or negative. Anonymous commenting is on. Spam will be weeded out immediately, though.

Featured fandoms: NEWS, Super Junior, SHINee

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Disclaimer: No relation to the actual people whatsoever. All this is just happening in my head.

Comments and constructive criticism to help improve my writing are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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Sharing policy: Feel free to save my macros and repost in memes, comments, etc. No credits to me are necessary, just don't claim you made them.

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[fic: one-shot] One More Try
Title: One More Try
Type: One-shot
Word count: 2,590
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Onew/Taemin (SHINee)
Summary: Is the past something you can simply erase and rewind? AU.

Jinki caught Taemin at an opportune moment.Collapse )

[fic: one-shot] More than Friends, with Benefits
Title: More than Friends, with Benefits
Type: One-shot
Word count: 3,783
Rating: R
Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin (SHINee)
Summary: Jonghyun and Taemin had an arrangement between them, but an unexpected incident threatened to unravel everything.

He wondered if there was something more to this long-standing arrangement. More than their shared enjoyment, the reprieve from their hectic schedules, or the thrill of finding hidden places where they could give and take pleasure as they liked.Collapse )

[fic: one-shot] The Wedding Planners
Title: The Wedding Planners
Type: One-shot
Word count: 2,340
Rating: G
Characters: NEWS gen, Shige/Kanjiya Shihori
Summary: They create couples’ happy endings, but is there a happy ending for one of their own? AU, het.
Notes: Written for fullswing_fic’s fic contest, and won first place \^o^/

fullswing con

The slogan of Chankapana Wedding Organizer was written below the company logo at their office: "We create your happy endings".Collapse )

[fic: drabbles] Call Me Maybe, True Colors, Bed & Breakfast
Title: Call Me Maybe
Word count: 127
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Koyama, hinted Tegoshi/Massu (NEWS)
Summary: That one time Koyama and Massu accidentally switched phones because theirs are identical in identical cases. (prompted by lemonadetea)

'What are you doing with Massu's cell?'Collapse )

Title: True Colors
Word count: 151
Rating: G
Character: NEWS gen
Summary: The one where Tegoshi woke up with pink hair and saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. (prompted by natsudive)

'You're just jealous that you can't pull this off.'Collapse )

Title: Bed & Breakfast
Word count: 139
Rating: G
Pairing: Sungmin/Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Summary: The one where Kyuhyun tried to make Sungmin breakfast in bed without anyone else's help. (prompted by amorbuffer)

'What's this dark brown thing?'Collapse )

[fic: drabble] Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)
Title: Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)
Type: Drabble
Word count: 791
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Summary: “But the very next day you gave it away. This year...”
Note: Inspired by K.R.Y.’s rendition of “Last Christmas”, of course.

Kyuhyun and Yesung’s first kiss was on Christmas Eve.Collapse )

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[fic: one-shot] Think We Kissed But I Forgot
Title: Think We Kissed But I Forgot
Type: One-shot
Word count: 4,679
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yesung (Super Junior)
Warnings: Mentions of drinking, my limited knowledge of The Sound of Music
Summary: Jongwoon doesn’t remember how he ended up in Kyuhyun’s bed. Kyuhyun takes advantage of the situation. College AU.
Note: The title is from “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry. Written for kingdra in sujuexchange 2012, first posted here. Huge thanks to static_abyss for the beta!

'I had a great time last night.'Collapse )

[fic: one-shot] A Man Less Ordinary
Title: A Man Less Ordinary
Type: One-shot
Word count: 2,086
Rating: PG
Pairing: Shige/Massu (NEWS), mentions of Shige’s various exes
Warning: Non-linear timeline
Summary: After a series of failed celebrity relationships, Shige proclaims he will only date ordinary people from now on. Massu is troubled.
Notes: Written for je_ficgames 2012 as part of Team Present (the winning team!). ♥ First posted here. Big hugs to grydo2life for beta-ing this at the last minute! Can’t thank you enough.

'I’ve had enough of this shit. I’m done, I’m telling you.'Collapse )

[fic: one-shot] Whichever Way You Go I’ll Be Easy to Find
Title: Whichever Way You Go I’ll Be Easy to Find
Type: One-shot
Word count: 2,464
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Summary: "You're as gay as a fucking rainbow."
Note: Written for kyusung_fest 2012, first posted here. Title taken from the lyrics to a Jason Mraz song, “Be Honest”. Much thanks to static_abyss for beta-ing.

He was staring at them with sharp, accusing eyes, as if he understood what was actually in Yesung’s mind.Collapse )


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